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Group BTOB member Lee Min Hyuk has discovered a different talent of his own in water sports. He participated in the ‘Barrel Roll’ section for the ‘Jetovator Battle’.

He managed to rotate in mid-air, performing a highly difficult act.

He released his arm from Minhyuk’s shoulders only to stroke the silky, auburn hair lovingly. Hyungwon didn’t know the truth (yet), and he wondered if he was right about them having a relationship—a relationship that was more than friends and definitely not platonic.“Hyungwon, it’s your turn to shower!

After the match ended, Min Hyuk revealed that in order to complete the ‘Barrel Roll’ act, he spent time skiing the Jetovator despite his busy schedule, which surprises everyone on the show.

Later in the afternoon, Jooheon decided to go for a cup coffee and Hoseok tagged along, but besides them, everyone chose to stay in their respective beds.…

Except for one member who always sought for some comfort in someone’s arms.

Kihyun was about to clean their room when he found Minhyuk not in his bed.

Minhyuk spent his day off to sleep until dusk, but lately, he seemed to find another comfort zone other than his bed.

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